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Hair care is a crucial part of everyone's lives. Whether it is for you, your family, or someone you pass on the street, smelling and feeling fresh makes everyones day better. These DTC hair care companies have everything you need from shampoo and conditioner to various other hair care treatments and remedies. They have something for everyone for every type of hair and every hair care problem you might have. From color to shine or just an extra boost of natural quality, they have what you desire for anything you might need done to your hair.

Hair care is a crucial part of everyone's lives. Whether it is for you, your family, or someone you pass on the street, smelling and feeling fresh makes everyones day better. These DTC hair care companies have everything you need from shampoo and conditioner to various other hair care treatments and remedies. They have something for everyone for every type of hair and every hair care problem you might have. From color to shine or just an extra boost of natural quality, they have what you desire for anything you might need done to your hair.

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What if you could simplify your grooming routine? Beardbrand is a multi-line grooming company built for men. With versatile products for hair, skin, and beard care, Beardbrand simplifies your grooming routine and maximizes the benefits of having a beard or hair on your face. Beardbrand makes it easy to look good and feel good—guaranteed!


Keeps is a doctor-recommended hair loss treatment platform that allows you to get started immediately on the only FDA-approved hair loss treatments. It offers a consultation, doctor diagnosis of your type of hair loss, and matching to appropriate treatments for you.


Nutrafol provides natural ingredients clinically shown to help improve hair growth, thickness and less shedding. Nutrafol is 100% drug free supplement formulated by a doctor and trusted by over 2500 doctors. It helps you with growth, nourishment and fortification of the hair. These are powerful & rapidly-absorbed formulations that can be taken orally or applied topically.


Hims & Hers Health, Inc. (HIMS), is a telehealth company that sells prescription and over-the-counter drugs online, as well as personal care products. The Company sells non-prescription products for hair loss and men's hair replacement and all of the COMBOS products are covered by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


Introducing ANFORH, the haircare brand that understands the struggle of fine, soft, and straight hair. Their game-changing product, TVS, delivers volume, thickness, and texture with naturally derived ingredients. Trust ANFORH to meet your specific hair needs.


AURA Hair Care

AURA Hair Care is a vegan, cruelty-free and customized hair care brand founded in 2021 by eSalon. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients and free from paraben, SLS and SLES, and offer unlimited formula combinations and six scents. With personalized quiz and packaging made with recycled materials, AURA Hair Care offers a money-back guarantee or free reformulation for the perfect product for your hair type.

Act + Acre

Act + Acre is the ultimate hair wellness brand, with a focus on scalp health and sustainability. Their plant-based products are created using a patented Cold Processed® technique, ensuring maximum potency of nutrients. The range includes shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments, perfect for those who prioritize natural ingredients and clean beauty.


Amika is a Brooklyn-based hair care brand founded in 2007, committed to creating clean, sustainably made products for all hair types. Their products have been featured in Allure, InStyle, and New York Magazine, and include styling tools, hair masks, serums, and conditioners. Enjoy their rewards program, refer-a-friend offers, and alternative payment option via Afterpay.

Apothecary 87

Discover Apothecary 87, the grooming brand that goes beyond the ordinary. With purpose and design-driven products, elevate your grooming routine to new heights and make a statement that truly stands out.


Aárd is a brand that specializes in natural traditional soap made from olive and laurel oil. Crafted using traditional methods, their soap reflects the heritage and passion of six generations.


Beached is the ultimate brand for the busy, on-the-go woman who wants effortless beauty. Inspired by Australian beach culture, their natural, multi-purpose products cut down on beauty routine time while supporting sustainability and ethical practices.

Beauty Pie Cosmetics

Beauty Pie Cosmetics is a luxury beauty and skincare brand founded in 2016 by renowned beauty entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore. With products sourced from the best labs around the world and certified as Clean Product, vegan and cruelty-free, Beauty Pie offers a variety of beauty and skincare products at shockingly low prices for members.


Bread Beauty Supply is the haircare brand for those who want uncomplicated, practical, and fun products. With their hair-oil and hair-cream, achieving your desired look has never been easier. Say goodbye to boring haircare routines and hello to good hair.

By Humankind

By Humankind is a sustainable personal care company founded in 2017 with a mission to reduce plastic pollution. Their products are designed to reduce single-use plastic by 90% or more, are eco-friendly, effective, and vegan & cruelty-free.


Introducing CORINNE, the high-quality hair accessories brand that combines fashion and function. Handmade in Italy using discarded materials, each accessory is designed to elevate your hairstyle while supporting sustainability.


Ceremonia is a sustainable and natural hair care brand that celebrates Latin culture. Co-created with their customers, their nutrient-rich products are free from harmful chemicals and perfect for those who value eco-conscious beauty.


Champo offers personalized haircare solutions inspired by ancient Indian practices and Ayurvedic wisdom. Their natural and plant-based products cater to unique hair types, with contemporary packaging and accessible pricing.

Color Wow

Color Wow Hair Products is a luxurious hair care brand founded by Gail Federici, co-founder of John Frieda, to nourish and protect color-treated hair. Their award-winning products are formulated without sulfates and silicones, and are free of gluten, dyes, waxes, and ammonias. Not tested on animals.

Color&Co Hair Color

Color&Co is a direct-to-consumer hair color brand founded by L'Oréal's Research and Innovation team in 2017. Our personalized hair color is tailored to the customer's hair history and composition, and our products and tools help maintain color longevity. We offer a 100% Color Confidence Guarantee, free shipping, and a Refer-a-Friend program. Our innovative at-home hair coloring system has won the Allure Best Of Beauty award in both 2019 and 2020.

Crown Affair

Crown Affair offers clean, effective hair care products and handcrafted tools that promote a more mindful approach to hair care. Perfect for those who value natural beauty and self-care.


Divyne is a Southeast Asian beauty brand committed to creating affordable, high-quality products that cater to real people, real skin, and real problems. Their formulations are meticulously crafted for sensitive skin, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Discover the future of household products with Dyson. From vacuum cleaners to hair care tools, their cutting-edge technology and authentic engineering solve problems and go against the norm. Join the innovative minds and be at the forefront of new ideas.


Everist is the go-to brand for eco-conscious individuals who want clean, convenient, and high-performing hair and skincare products. With a focus on sustainability, Everist makes eco easier for everyone.

Formulate Hair Care

Formulate Hair Care is a personalized cosmetic company founded in 2019 in San Francisco, California. Customers can create their own tailored shampoos and conditioners with the help of an online quiz and recyclable packaging. Formulate offers a wide range of products for both men and women.

Forte Series

Forte Series is a brand that caters to guys who want to look their best with minimal effort. Their high-quality grooming products and honest education make achieving a polished and confident look effortless.

Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty believes that beauty can be personalized. With a fast and easy hair, body, and skin quiz it's never been easier to discover products that work for you. Free shipping and returns, cruelty-, sulfate- and paraben-free.


Geologie delivers personalized skincare solutions for men with inclusive products and an assessment process to identify skin needs. Endorsements from notable figures signify trust and effectiveness.


Gisou is a hair brand created by Iranian-Canadian model and entrepreneur Negin Mirsalehi. The brand provides luxury hair care products that are designed to nourish and protect the hair. The products are made with natural ingredients and use a unique oil-infusion technology to help keep the hair healthy and hydrated.


Good Dye Young

Good Dye Young is a vegan and cruelty-free hair dye brand founded in Nashville, TN by Hayley Williams of Paramore and her hairstylist, Brian O'Connor. With its puns, recyclable packaging, and commitment to self-expression, Good Dye Young offers a wide range of products, including semi-permanent dye, lighteners, hair makeup, hair care tools, and apparel.


Get salon-quality hair at home with Gussi's non-toxic and cruelty-free products. Their DIY keratin treatments and keratin-infused shampoos and conditioners work on all hair types for nourishment and repair.


Hairstory Hair Care

Hairstory Hair Care is a no-nonsense professional hair care brand founded by two Bumble & Bumble executives that uses only essential ingredients and naturally-derived necessities to help people embrace their hair and the environment.

Hally Hair

Hally Hair is the perfect brand for those who want to experiment with hair color confidently and express themselves through color. With a focus on positivity, fluidity, and inclusivity, Hally offers fun, simple, and safe hair color products for the next generation. Plus, Hally cares deeply about mental health and supports marginalized voices and mental health initiatives, partnering with non-profit organizations such as Sad Girls Club, Active Minds, and Trans Lifeline to support their cause.

Hanz de Fuko

Discover the award-winning hair care line, Hanz de Fuko. Embrace your individuality with their high-quality products that allow you to express your unique style and personality. Elevate your hair game with Hanz de Fuko.


Huron Skincare is an affordable men's personal care brand offering premium, vegan and cruelty-free skincare products with 100% recyclable packaging, free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, and aluminum. Founded in 2018 by Matt Mullenax and Matt Teri, Huron has been featured in Forbes, GQ, The New York Times, and Vogue.

Jack Henry

Jack Henry is the ultimate self-care brand for those who prioritize wellness. Their clean and sustainable formulations are made with ethically sourced ingredients, making your routine a pleasure, not a chore.


Jupiter Hair Care is a New York-based cosmetics brand that offers a selection of good-for-you hair care products. Founded in 2020 by Robbie Salter and Ross Goodhart, their products are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, sustainably packaged, safe for color and chemically-treated hair, vegan, and cruelty-free. They have been featured in The Zoe Report, Allure Magazine, and Vogue.

L'ange Hair

Brimming with innovative ideas, L'ange products are designed to change the hair industry - making it more accessible for everyone. Our styling tools are thoughtfully designed to be used by both professional stylists and at home consumers who want salon quality results in a convenient product.

Long Wknd

Long Wknd offers an eco-conscious care ritual that includes a signature hair duo, body wash, aluminum-free deodorant, and bee-friendly lip balm, all made with natural ingredients that actually work. Their commitment to reducing plastic waste is a key factor that would attract eco-conscious customers.

Luxy Hair

Get longer, fuller hair than ever before with Luxy Hair extensions. These clip-in extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair and come in a large variety of colors and prices to fit every budget. Luxy Hair extensions are the best on the market, designed with high quality standards and affordable pricing.


MANTL is the ultimate skincare brand for bald individuals and those experiencing hair loss. Their effective products cater to common concerns while creating a supportive community that empowers self-confidence and living life to the fullest.


Numan is a digital health platform that helps men take control of their health and wellbeing with its MHRA approved products and plans. Founded in the UK, Numan offers free online questionnaires, 7-day GERD diet plans, and Numan acid reflux diet plans, all delivered swiftly and discreetly. Clinicians are also available to advise customers based on their questionnaire results.


OUAI is a haircare brand founded by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin. Their products empower women to embrace their imperfections, offering attainable beauty without unrealistic expectations. They also offer body, bath, and hand care products and premium fragrances inspired by iconic cities.

Olaplex Shampoo

Olaplex is an innovative haircare company that uses patented bond-building technology to rebuild and replenish damaged hair. Their products have been used by celebrities and have won acclaim from customers and stylists. Their Hair Quiz helps customers find the perfect product for their hair type, while their manufacturing process saves water and trees.


oVertone is a hair care brand founded by Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar in 2014. The brand was created in response to the fading and damage that often comes with vibrant hair color, and offers a hair-healthy, semi-permanent alternative to traditional dye. oVertone products allow users to achieve and maintain head-turning hair colors without damaging their hair or going through the hassle of cold showers. The brand quickly gained popularity after its launch and has become known as an industry disruptor in the hair color world. oVertone's products offer a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional box dyes and salon touch-ups, allowing users to achieve and maintain vibrant, healthy hues through conditioning.

Pattern Beauty

Pattern Beauty is an innovative haircare brand founded in 2018 by Tracee Ellis Ross with the mission to nourish and hydrate curly and textured hair. Their products are made with safe and natural ingredients, are cruelty-free and vegan, and offer free shipping on US orders over $50 and international shipping.


Radswan offers a range of synthetic wigs and clip-ins that provide a playground for self-expression. With a focus on fit, quality, and user-friendliness, this brand is perfect for those who value ethical practices and see hair as a way to express their identity and culture.

Rowan For Dogs

Rowan For Dogs is a fur care company founded by Michelle Arnau and Sally Clarke, offering natural and gentle washes, dry shampoos, and coat creams made with human-grade ingredients. Their products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, and dye-free, and they donate a portion of their profits to animal charities. Rowan is dedicated to setting the highest standards in coat care.


Ruffians: Award-winning barbers and men's grooming store. Indulge in a personalized grooming experience with unique design features, complimentary extras, and a sense of community. A high-quality brand that values customer service.


Ruka is the go-to for Black women with curly, coily, and wavy hair types. Their mission is to promote healthy hair and bring joy back to hair care. Education is at the forefront, and the community is at the heart of everything they create.


Discover SACHAJUAN, the haircare brand that simplifies your routine with efficient products. Their minimalist approach, transparent ingredients, and Ocean Silk Technology enhance your hair's natural beauty.

Salt Grooming

Salt Grooming: Redefining men's grooming with innovative, high-quality products. Their commitment to natural and organic ingredients sets them apart, making them a go-to brand for those seeking true value.


Selfmade is a beauty brand that focuses on emotional wellbeing and offers a psychodermatology approach to self-care. Their products nurture different areas of human development, sparking self-exploration and emotional intelligence.

Shear Revival

Discover the mindful and honest approach of Shear Revival. Handcrafted in small batches with pronounceable ingredients, their apothecary & grooming products are safe, healthy, and nourishing for all.

Sienna Naturals

Sienna Naturals is a Black woman-owned hair care brand that offers planet-friendly formulas for healthy, beautiful hair. Co-founded by Issa Rae, their Rooted Technology™ combines natural ingredients with molecular chemistry for clinically proven results. Ideal for textured hair, Sienna Naturals prioritizes hair health and body wellness without compromising on safety.

Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla: Born on the streets, loved worldwide. This innovative brand brings creativity and game-changing products to the hair styling world. Stay true to your roots with Slick Gorilla.


SolidState offers eco-friendly, wax-based grooming products that are highly concentrated and longer lasting than traditional options. Perfect for on-the-go use, their commitment to sustainability and quality make them a great choice for any grooming needs.


SpoiledChild is a US-based beauty brand offering anti-aging hair and skincare products formulated for all ages. Using artificial intelligence to match customers to the most compatible formulas, SpoiledChild also provides refillable and reusable dispensers made from recycled glass for a more sustainable experience. Customers can enjoy a 14-day free trial period, free US shipping for orders over $40, and free returns.


Squigs is a headcare brand that offers a comprehensive approach to caring for your scalp and face. Founded by a former editor, their products are free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, and emphasize the transformative power of good ingredients. Plus, they donate a percentage of proceeds to a mental health charity.


Strands Hair Care

Strands Hair Care is a Los Angeles-based brand founded in 2018 that specializes in personalized hair care products. Using natural ingredients free from parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, and harmful dyes, their mission is to give more good hair days. Led by a team of chemists and engineers, Strands Hair Care has been featured in Allure, Good Housekeeping, and Scary Mommy.


Sugardoh is the eco-friendly, natural, and gentle at-home hair removal brand for sensitive skin. Their compostable sugar paste provides long-lasting results and aligns with conscious customers' values.

The London Grooming Company

The London Grooming Company is the go-to brand for the stylish gentleman looking for a premium grooming experience. With a focus on luxury ingredients and improved performance, their splendid array of products caters to every aspect of a grooming routine.

The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life is an iconic fashion accessory brand founded by Nnenna Stella in 2014. Specializing in head wraps, turbans, turbanettes, scrunchies, and bandies, the Brooklyn-based brand has been featured in Oprah Daily, Glamour, Fashionista, Yahoo!, Today Show, and New York Magazine. The Wrap Life stands out for being a successful Black business, offering free tutorials and style tips, great customer ratings, money-saving promos, and financing options.

Verelle Haircare

Verelle is a haircare brand for curls, created to bring out the best in your unique texture. Their clean formulas are free of harsh chemicals, and tailored to different curl types. Founded by women and minority leaders, Verelle is cruelty free, vegan, and has great customer reviews. Shop 3-step kits and all-in-one stylers with free shipping.


eSalon is the world's first at-home hair color brand. Customized just for you, eSalon allows you to take the guesswork out of coloring your hair and achieve the exact look you've been dreaming of. Our formula uses natural ingredients while delivering superior quality and shine - without parabens or ammonia.



Prose uses natural active ingredients, delivers results and is designed for women who embrace their individuality and want proactive hair care that is 100% custom made for their hair type, goals and lifestyle. Our products are sulphate-free, GMO-free and formulated without parabens, sodium chloride or silicone.



Superzero is a luxurious hair care brand that provides high-performance, sustainable products. Their vegan bars contain a Triflex Complex with five times more concentrated hair-boosting ingredients than liquid shampoos and conditioners, promoting long-term hair and skin health.

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