List of DTC Outdoors Brands

Here’s a list of the best 61 Outdoors brands on the internet:

We've got you covered. Here's a bit about the Outdoors niche and the best brands to pick from.


Cotopaxi is a United States-based sustainable apparel retailer that sells men's and women's Clothing. Cotopaxi creates innovative outdoor products that inspire adventure . Each costumer's purchase helps those living in the world's poorest regions.


Alder, the Toronto-based outdoor apparel brand, offers inclusive sizing, community-informed design, and sustainable production. Their playful branding stands out from traditional athletic brands, prioritizing inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability.


Backfire: Affordable and high-quality skateboards, including electric skateboards, for those who value durability, performance, and functionality. Experience the thrill of skateboarding with Backfire's fun and innovative products.

Book Of The Month

Book Of The Month is a subscription service founded in 1926 and relaunched in 2015 to provide millennials with fresh and exciting reads from emerging authors. Members get exclusive savings, free gifts, and "early looks" at new novels, as well as discounted prices, free shipping, and the ability to skip months. Featured in Forbes, NBC News, and Business Insider, Book Of The Month has a strong social media following.


With its innovative 3-part fold and hand-built design, Brompton is more than just a bike - it's a lifestyle. Perfect for urban commuters and cycling enthusiasts who value convenience and portability.


Corkcicle is a brand that creates innovative and stylish products that enhance everyday experiences. Their reusable Canteens, Tumblers, Stemless Wine Cups, Mugs, and Tumbler Straws are both cool and sustainable, perfect for those who appreciate style and eco-friendliness.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef is an American company founded in 1990 that specializes in high-quality barbeques and grills. Their products are featured on NBC's Today and have positive reviews from customers, offering features like ash cleanout, grease management, utility racks, and more for cooking safety and convenience.


Chevalier: Embrace an active lifestyle close to nature with high-quality, stylish gear. From hiking to hunting, our well-thought-out functions and durable materials ensure you're prepared for any outdoor adventure. Boost your confidence and enhance your experience with Chevalier.


Ciele is a socially and environmentally responsible brand that creates exceptional experiences through their considered equipment. Their headwear collection is made from recycled performance yarn and they work with Fair Trade Certified factories. Their sustainable practices make them a great choice for customers who prioritize social and environmental responsibility.

Cowboy Bikes

Cowboy is an innovative e-bike company that creates sustainable, effortless-to-ride bikes for city commuters. Their products feature minimalistic design, a streamlined mobile app, and built-in GPS to make your ride effortless and secure. Founded in 2017 and awarded Eurobike 2017, Red Dot Bicycle Design Award 2018, and Red Dot Best of the Best Product Design Award for 2019 and 2021 models, Cowboy is the perfect choice for an effortless city ride.


Crossnet is the ultimate game for those who love a little competition with their outdoor fun. With its unique blend of volleyball and childhood games, this versatile game is perfect for any occasion. Easy to set up and adaptable to any surface, Crossnet is a must-have for your next backyard barbecue or beach trip.

Day Owl Backpack

Day Owl Backpack is an American brand founded in 2011 by Ian Rosenberger, which creates sustainable backpacks, totes and pouches from recycled materials. Their mission is to reduce waste and create jobs, and have been Certified B Corporation for their social and ecological responsibility.


Finisterre is a British brand loved by ocean lovers and adventure-seekers alike. Their functional and sustainable attire is designed to brave the elements while staying stylish, perfect for those seeking high-quality, environmentally-conscious clothing.


Flotte, the French brand that makes rainwear chic and eco-friendly. Their range of recycled polyester raincoats and accessories are both functional and stylish, with a unique design that transforms into a bag.

Gel Blaster

Get outside and play with Gel Blaster, the tech-driven active lifestyle brand that offers a range of innovative products for all ages and skill levels. Join the Gel Blaster community and enjoy outdoor fun with friends and family.


Halfdays is the ultimate outdoor brand for the modern woman who values both style and function. Their expert team crafts chic and technical ski wear and other outdoor apparel that strikes the perfect balance between fashion and function.

Harper Coats

Harper Coats offers timeless and sustainable outerwear that is both functional and stylish. Their cruelty-free and machine-washable coats are perfect for eco-conscious shoppers who want reliable and durable outerwear for any occasion.

Harry Rain

Introducing Harry Rain, the modern and stylish umbrella brand that combines fashion and functionality. With four fantastic designs to choose from, you can finally find the perfect umbrella that meets your high standards.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is a brand that was founded in 2009 with the mission to reduce single-use plastics and inspire outdoor exploration. Their products are made with TempShield technology, are affordable, BPA and phthalate-free, and come with a lifetime warranty. They also partner with Parks For All and have donated over $1.9 million to 122+ nonprofits.

Kite Beauty

Kite Beauty brings back the joy of childhood with playful, travel-friendly beauty products. Busy individuals, like tired moms and stressed students, will love the convenience and sustainability of their offerings.

LeMond Bikes

LeMond Bikes: Victory and Innovation in Every Ride. With a rich history of winning races and innovative ebikes, this brand offers accessible rides for all cyclists.

Lit Method

Lit Method is a Los Angeles-based sporting goods brand founded in 2015 by Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor. They specialize in low-impact training, offering a patent-pending rower, membership plans, virtual classes, and workout accessories. With celebrity endorsements and features in publications like the Los Angeles Times, Byrdie, and PopSugar, Lit Method is a convenient way to stay fit indoors.


Liteboxer is an innovative fitness company that provides a high-performance workout from the comfort of home. Our signature indoor trainer simulates the experience of sparring with a partner, offering a full-body workout and helping customers reach their goals. Founded in 2017 by Todd Dagres and Jeff Morin in Boston, Massachusetts.


Literati is a book subscription service founded in 2016 by Jessica Ewing. It curates books from celebrities and introduces members to new authors, while also offering a reading community and the option to donate books to charity. It has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, USA Today, Forbes, and The Washington Post. It has also partnered with charities such as Eat. Learn. Play., Starlight Children’s Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Lo and Sons

Lo and Sons is a family-owned business founded in 2010, specializing in lightweight and spacious travel bags and accessories made from recycled poly and organic canvas. Committed to sustainability and reducing waste, the brand has been featured in multiple publications and offers a wide selection of durable designs.


Lovevery is an award-winning brand founded in 2015 that provides developmental play kits, sustainable and organic toys, and stage-based play sets for babies and toddlers from 0-36 months. Their products are thoroughly tested and made safe for babies, and are designed with a holistic approach incorporating academics, researchers, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines.


Madefor is an online program founded by entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie and NAVY Seal Patrick Dossett to help people of all walks of life feel prepared to take on new challenges in life with positivity and intention. Featuring 21-Day Action Plans based on the latest in brain and behavior science, Madefor provides a "Step by Step Toolkit" to help you change your outlook and habits. Featured in magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Men's Health, Madefor is your go-to for convenient online programming.


Discover Magneto, the skateboarding brand that combines high-quality, game-changing technologies with style and comfort. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a beginner, Magneto has the perfect board for you. Cruise in style and confidence with Magneto.


Mammut, the outdoor gear brand since 1862, offers meticulously designed products for all outdoor pursuits. From hiking to climbing, their high-quality gear is built for performance and trusted by outdoor enthusiasts.


Moncler is a luxury brand that offers high-quality and versatile products for fashion-forward individuals of all genders, ages, identities, and cultures. With a commitment to tradition and uniqueness, Moncler unleashes the extraordinary in everybody.

Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box is the premier subscription service for anglers, founded in 2012 by Ross Gordon. With plans to deliver over 2.5 million boxes in 2021, it offers a wide variety of lures and tackles for all your fishing needs at 40% off retail price. It also provides how-to videos, magazines, and blog posts to help beginners.

Nordic Clays

Introducing Nordic Clays, the Danish brand revolutionizing clay pigeon shooting. With their customizable TrapMaster system and eco-friendly bio-clays, shooting enthusiasts can connect with nature, enjoy the company of others, and have a fantastic time shooting.

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle is a UK-based company on a mission to reduce plastic waste in oceans. Founded in 2019, Ocean Bottle provides customers with a durable and reusable stainless steel and recycled plastic water bottle. With its eco- and socially conscious practices, the company has committed 16% of their revenue to collecting plastic waste from polluted waterways and supporting 4,000 families. Certified as a B Corporation, Ocean Bottle has been featured in Forbes and Time.

Orbit Key

Orbit Key offers a sleek solution to disorganized keys and noisy pockets. Their contemporary design and practicality bring a sense of order to busy individuals seeking intentional living.


Ridge creates minimalist and durable everyday carry items using high-quality materials like aluminum, titanium, and 24 karat gold. Their flagship product, The Ridge Wallet, has earned them a loyal following with over 2 million wallets sold.

RipTide Sports

RipTide Sports: Elevate your skateboarding experience with high-quality, American-made products. From bushings to footstops, their innovative accessories enhance performance and fit perfectly with your equipment. Plus, their commitment to sustainability means you can ride with a clear conscience.


Rumpl's line of blankets and technical comfort products are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. With a commitment to sustainability and social causes, Rumpl is redefining the blanket category.

Rumpl Blanket

Rumpl is an outdoor lifestyle brand that creates sustainably made, water-resistant, light, and portable blankets, towels, ponchos, and pillowcases. Founded in 2014 by Nick Polinko and Wylie Robinson, Rumpl is committed to providing comfort and durability to its customers, and is part of the 1% For the Planet organization.


SUPER73 is the ultimate adventure brand, merging motorcycle heritage with youth culture. Its electric vehicles are stylish and functional, loved by A-listers and athletes alike. Perfect for eco-conscious explorers seeking a unique, sustainable experience.

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud is the ultimate beach lifestyle brand, offering eco-friendly towels, blankets, and accessories that are both stylish and sustainable. With a mission to give back to marine conservation charities, Sand Cloud is perfect for environmentally conscious beachgoers who want to make a positive impact.

Singular Society

Singular Society offers access to premium, responsibly made products at prices that make a difference. Members save 50-80% on unique, state-of-the-art products that are environmentally friendly and designed to last longer.


Snowpeak is the ultimate outdoor brand for those seeking minimalist, functional gear that connects them to nature. With over 60 years of experience, their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is unmatched.

Solo Stove

Solo Stove's smokeless flame technology allows nature lovers to create unforgettable moments with loved ones. Their high-quality fire pits, camp stoves, pizza ovens, grills, and accessories help customers connect with nature and create a good life full of memories.


Spikeball is the perfect game for those who seek outdoor fun and socializing with friends and family. With over 4 million players worldwide, this fast-paced and strategic sport promotes inclusivity, teamwork, and memorable experiences. Plus, Spikeball's commitment to innovation and growth makes it the next great global sport.


SunGod's performance eyewear is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who value sustainability and durability. Their Carbon Neutral certification and Lifetime Guarantee make them a popular choice for athletes and everyday wearers alike.

Sunflow Beach Chair

Sunflow Beach Chair is the perfect blend of convenience, comfort and style, founded in 2018 by Leslie Hsu and Greg Besner. Our range of beach chairs are durable, comfortable and easily transported, with attachable accessories, waterproof fabrics and rust and corrosion-resistant frames. Get the perfect beach day with Sunflow Beach Chair!

Swell Water Bottle

S'well is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand founded in 2010 in New York that creates reusable stainless steel bottles and other containers to reduce single-use plastic. Their fashionable, triple-layered, BPA-free bottles are vacuum-insulated to keep drinks cold for 36 hours and hot for 18 hours. As a partner of UNICEF, they have donated $1.4 million to provide clean water to vulnerable communities.


Introducing TWOTWO, the brand that believes in the power of play. With revolutionary products and a focus on fun and social interaction, TWOTWO brings back the joy and excitement of sports and activities. Embrace your natural talent, break traditions, and enjoy the journey with TWOTWO.

The Arrivals

The Arrivals is a Brooklyn-based outerwear brand that creates mindful out-of-doors products at the intersection of performance and play. Their function-driven fabrications and elevated design ethos make them perfect for customers who value quality, durability, and sustainability in their purchases.

The Get Out

The Get Out offers high-quality outdoor gear designed to elevate any adventure. Founded by Shelter Co., the brand's attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures every product is built to last.

The James Brand

The James Brand is a lifestyle brand founded in 2012 by a group of explorers and makers, headed by Ryan Coulter. It designs knives, tools, and writing utensils that are both practical and refined. Its products have been featured in Men’s Journal, Gear Patrol, and Forbes, and have garnered a large following.


Therabody is a tech wellness company founded in 2007 by Dr. Jason that develops products and services for muscle recovery. Their percussive therapy technology offers pain relief, accelerated recovery, and enhanced performance, and has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, GQ, Health, and Vogue.

Thousand Helmets

Thousand Helmets is a cycling accessory brand founded in 2015 by Gloria Hwang with a mission to save lives. Their stylish, comfortable and affordable helmets are designed for urban cyclists and skaters, and are made with environmentally friendly materials and packaging. Offsetting 110% of their carbon emissions each year, they offer free shipping and exchanges, an Anti-Theft Guarantee, free replacements, and a wide range of cycling accessories for adults and children.


Tropicfeel is the ultimate travel gear brand that offers stylish and environmentally responsible products. Their versatile and durable backpacks and shoes are perfect for any adventure, leaving a positive footprint and inspiring conscious travel.


Vanmoof is the ultimate city-proof bike brand, with integrated theft defense systems and cutting-edge design. Their bikes are tough, smart, and built to last a lifetime, making them the perfect choice for eco-conscious city-dwellers.


Veloretti is a Dutch cycling brand that combines classic and modern designs with direct-to-consumer sales, allowing customers to customize their purchases online and try out the bikes in their Amsterdam showroom. Founded in 2013 by Ferry Zonder, Veloretti offers a wide range of cycling products and accessories, all designed and manufactured in their own factories.

We’re Not Really Strangers

We're Not Really Strangers is an American company founded in 2018 by Koreen Odiney. It helps people make meaningful connections through card games, activities, accessories, clothes, and stationary that encourage self-reflection and intimacy. Featured in Forbes and Vogue, the brand has been gaining attention for its unique products and mission.


Whoop Strap is a revolutionary fitness monitor that helps people unlock their physical potential with in-depth analysis, heart-rate tracking, sleep detection, and recovery monitoring. Founded in 2015 by industry leaders in Boston, Whoop Strap is the official fitness tracker of the NFL, MLB, and PGA, and has earned a spot on Fast Company's 2020 Most Innovative Companies list.


Wonderbly is a London-based publisher of personalized children's books, founded in 2012. Their books feature customizable characters and stories, and have been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, and TechCrunch. They have won the British Book Awards for Best Children’s Publisher of the Year in 2021 and are sold in over 150 countries. Their mission is to help kids grow into avid readers with active imaginations.


Yeti is the ultimate brand for serious outdoor enthusiasts, offering high-quality coolers, drinkware, bags, and accessories that are built to last and perform when it matters most. From day trips to week-long excursions, Yeti has everything you need to keep your food and drinks cold and your gear organized on your next adventure.

Yoto Player

Yoto Player is a brand founded in 2015 that specializes in fun and educational audio content for kids ages 0-12. Their flagship product, the Yoto Player, helps reduce screen exposure and develop fine motor skills while still keeping kids entertained. Yoto Player is committed to diversity and inclusion in their content and teams.

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