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These DTC brands collections of well made, affordable bags and briefcases is custom-made to fit your lifestyle and personality. From the backpack you use in college, to the tote that carries your laptop to work, to the executive briefcase that fits all your daily needs while traveling—these products will be with you wherever life takes you. So choose from hundreds of colors and materials from genuine leathers, rich microfibers and sleek nylon to find your perfect fit with brands like BAGGU, JW PEI, and Cuyana.

These DTC brands collections of well made, affordable bags and briefcases is custom-made to fit your lifestyle and personality. From the backpack you use in college, to the tote that carries your laptop to work, to the executive briefcase that fits all your daily needs while traveling—these products will be with you wherever life takes you. So choose from hundreds of colors and materials from genuine leathers, rich microfibers and sleek nylon to find your perfect fit with brands like BAGGU, JW PEI, and Cuyana.


BAGGU is a United States-based ecofriendly apparel retailer that sells unisex Bags. BAGGU makes everyday bags that make life easier and fit with your daily routines. Their products have long, useful lives meant to be reusable and functional.

Baboon To The Moon

Baboon to the Moon (B2TM) is a company that sells colorful bags and is committed to inspiring adventures and encouraging people to embrace new experiences. The company uses sustainable and ethical materials and practices to create products that are meant to last a lifetime. Every B2TM bag comes with a lifetime warranty and is made with high-quality technical materials to withstand any adventure. The company believes that colorful bags can inspire colorful adventures and encourages customers to embrace their sense of adventure and try new things.


Cuyana is a United States-based sustainable apparel retailer that sells women's Bags. Cuyana creates timeless pieces made with integrity from the highest-quality sustainable materials. With their philosophy being fewer, better things Cuyana offers classic collections meant to be worn year round.

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is a United States-based modern apparel retailer that sells unisex Bags and Briefcases. Dagne Dover creates problem-solving bags for problem-solving humans. They offer stylish bags that help their costumers stay organized in any ocassion.


Paravel is a travel-inspired brand that values sustainability and impeccable design. The company creates multi-functional, sustainable bags, luggage, and accessories for all types of travel, from local trips to far-flung destinations. Paravel is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of its products and uses upcycled and recycled materials, such as Ecocraft Canvas® and Negative Nylon™, in all of its products.


Shinola is a United States-based lifestyle apparel retailer that sells men's and women's Jewelry and Accessories. Shianola is commited in delievering luxury throughout their products, from leather goods to home accessories. With a timeless approach, Shinola creates hand crafted, high quality products in different industries like timepieces, jewelry, bicycles and audio.


BLAME LILAC: REALITY IS OVERRATED is a rebellious and liberating brand that celebrates irony, humor, and self-expression. With a focus on exclusivity and sustainability, BLAME LILAC invites customers to join their movement and embrace the joy of living.


Bag-all is a United States-based ecofriendly apparel retailer that sells women's Bags. Bag-All has hip bags and cases for any occasion, be it organizing, traveling, or gifting. All of Bag-All products are made with high quality cotton with the intention of them being reused, taking small stylish steps to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Bandolier is a United States-based trendy apparel retailer that sells unisex Bags_Briefcases. Bandolier phone cases transform your phone into a piece of wearable technology in a stylish way. Each Bandolier has two slots that fit your cards and cash, offering an alleviating alternative to handbags.


Introducing Baron, the renowned brand known for its premium bags made from high-quality leather and canvas. Each meticulously handmade product combines classic elegance with contemporary functionality, perfect for the modern businessman, traveler, or hunter. Experience the timeless style and superior craftsmanship of Baron.

Bellroy Wallet

Bellroy is an Australian-based brand that designs functional and practical products made with premium quality leather and sustainable fabrics. Their signature slim wallets feature RFID protection, fewer layers, and better card access. Enjoy free worldwide shipping and a 3-year warranty.

Briggs and Riley

Briggs and Riley is a New York-based brand that has been crafting modern and durable bags since 1993. Founded by Richard Costa, their mission is to provide travelers with effortless passage and elevate industry standards. Their selection of bags features innovative technologies and minimalist designs, perfect for travel or in the city.


Bukvy: A brand for the minimalist. Ethically produced bags designed for a lifestyle of owning fewer but better things. Multifunctional and versatile, with a commitment to sustainability and female empowerment.


Caraa is the ultimate brand for the fashion-savvy urbanite. Their bags are beautifully crafted and designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, making them perfect for gym-goers and city dwellers alike.

Caraa Sport

Caraa Sport is an award-winning luxury sports bag and accessory brand founded in 2015 by designers Carmen Chen Wu and Aaron Luo. They offer a range of stylish and functional bags for different activities, and have been highly recommended by media outlets and partnered with charities such as Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids.

Day Owl Backpack

Day Owl Backpack is an American brand founded in 2011 by Ian Rosenberger, which creates sustainable backpacks, totes and pouches from recycled materials. Their mission is to reduce waste and create jobs, and have been Certified B Corporation for their social and ecological responsibility.

Edie Parker

Edie Parker: The go-to brand for those seeking unique and conversation-sparking accessories. With a love for mid-century style, exceptional materials, and bold designs, Edie Parker is perfect for those who want to make a statement and embrace their individuality.

Ernest Alexander

Ernest Alexander is a United States-based classic apparel retailer that sells men's Bags and Briefcases. At Ernest Alexander each product is thoughtfully designed and crafted with high quality materials to assure functionality. Their mission is to help Ernest Alexander's costumers carry through life's journeys, be it for work, travel, or side adventures.

Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked is a high-quality brand founded in 2009 by CEO Susan Peterson, specializing in handmade leather moccasins, diaper bags and sneakers for newborns, young children, and mothers. Their mission is to create fashionable and comfortable products, and they have collaborated with Disney to design their moccasin collection.


Götrich & Co is the ultimate destination for classic style. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, their timeless garments and accessories exude elegance. A brand for those who appreciate the art of tailoring and seek pieces that will stand the test of time.


Discover HVISK, the Danish fashion brand inspired by vibrant Copenhagen streets. From trendy shapes to vivid colors, HVISK offers playful and colorful accessories made with quality materials. Find your perfect statement piece today.


Herschel is a globally recognized lifestyle brand founded in 2009 by Lyndon and Jamie Cormack from their hometown. Their product range includes timeless bags, backpacks, travel gear, accessories, and attire, designed for maximum storage and usability. They also support Give Back initiatives with hospitals and schools.

Hook & Albert

Hook & Albert is a United States-based classic apparel retailer that sells men's and women's Bags and Briefcases. Hook & Albert focuses on innovation, quality, and practicality to ensure the perfect balance between function and style. Their bags and luggage are sourced and produced with high level materials and craftsmanship.

Horizn Studios

Horizn Studios offers sustainable and innovative solutions for the future of travel. Their world-class quality and attention to detail make their luggage and accessories the perfect companion for any journey. Collaborations with like-minded brands and artists reflect contemporary culture.


Italic is a direct-to-consumer retailer offering high-quality apparel, accessories, and homeware made by the same hands that produce collections for top-of-the-line designers, at up to 80% less than competitors. Praised by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and Food & Wine, Italic offers 1000+ products with free shipping over $50 and a 30-day money-back guarantee with free returns.


JW PEI is a United States-based modern apparel retailer that sells women's Bags. The inspiration behind JW PEI comes from the idea that fashion should be accessible, uncomplicated, and empowering. The minimalist designs are all made with sustainable vegan materials to ensure eco-friendly style.

July Luggage

July Luggage is a modern and stylish online brand founded in 2019 by Richard Li and Athan Didaskalou. They offer a range of carry-ons, backpacks, duffel bags, trunks, and other travel accessories with quality features like anodized aluminum bumpers and scratch-proof textures. Customers can personalize their carry-ons for free and enjoy a lifetime warranty with a 100-day trial.

Junes Bags

Junes Bags is a socially responsible brand that offers affordable, foldable, and stylish reusable bags. Their commitment to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and empowering women through partnerships with all-female sewing co-ops and donating to the Global Fund for Women, make them a perfect choice for eco-conscious and fashion-forward shoppers.

Lo and Sons

Lo and Sons is a family-owned business founded in 2010, specializing in lightweight and spacious travel bags and accessories made from recycled poly and organic canvas. Committed to sustainability and reducing waste, the brand has been featured in multiple publications and offers a wide selection of durable designs.


MEHROTRA: A fusion of Swedish minimalism and Indian warmth, this Stockholm-based design line creates timeless pieces that transcend seasons. With a focus on natural materials and fibers, their collections embody a unique blend of cultures and aesthetics. Perfect for those seeking classic yet modern designs that last beyond trends.


Marimekko is a Finnish clothing and home décor brand founded in 1949 by Viljo and Armi Ratia. Known for its timeless and vibrant designs, Marimekko encourages freedom, choice, and individuality with its wide variety of products featured in major fashion magazines. From fashion to home stylings, Marimekko has collaborated with edgy designers over the years.


Matador is a United States-based modern apparel retailer that sells unisex Bags and Briefcases. Matador offers high performance travel equipment designed to perform despite the conditions. Its simplistic, lightweight design allows its users to pack less and experience more.

Maverick & Co.

Introducing Maverick & Co., the brand that understands the needs of modern professionals. Their beautifully designed bags offer style and functionality at an affordable price, empowering you to feel confident every day.


Milaner is a United States-based luxury apparel retailer that sells women's Bags. Milaner was started by a group of Italian women wanting to apporach the making and selling of luxury goods in an authentic and sustainable way. Milaner works exclusively with Italian and French artisans to create timeless and high quality handbags.

Min & Mon

Min & Mon is a Colombian-born fashion brand, now based in New York City. Their hand-designed range tells whimsical stories inspired by city living and the diversity of an ever-changing environment, much like the octopus that symbolizes their brand. Each creation from Min & Mon offers playful uniqueness and a soulful human experience. Their product offerings include bags, wallets, and accessories.

Mission Mercantile

Mission Mercantile is rooted in values and built to last. Every Mission Mercantile product is designed for many lifetimes, made to develop a rich patina over time and tell the story of where it’s been. Because they believe what lasts can’t be rushed, they carefully craft each leather good to be the best and highest quality possible. Mission Mercantile was founded on four timeless principles: integrity, trust, quality, and service and they carry each into the delicate craftsmanship of each product.

Mon Purse

Mon Purse is an Australia-based classic apparel retailer that sells women's Bags. Mon Purse believes that every woman should own a bag she truly adores. They offer a tailored shopping experience with their costumizable bags in timeless and minimalist styles.


Monos is a company that offers premium luggage and travel accessories inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware, or the appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments. The brand believes in the importance of mindfulness in travel and living well, and it has developed a philosophy that values simplicity, high-quality materials, and timeless design. Monos sells its products directly to consumers, making its premium luggage accessible to everyone. The company values genuine human connections and understanding, and it believes that these values are crucial for successful travel and good business practices.

Nation of Nmds

Nation of Nmds is not just a brand, but a way of life, celebrating those who carve their own paths and dream of creating their own maps. The brand offers a range of products that embody the spirit of adventurous living, catering to a community of unique individuals fueled by curiosity. From apparel to accessories, Nation of Nmds provides high-quality products that inspire and empower its customers to embrace a life of endless exploration.


Nomatic is a United States-based modern apparel retailer that sells men's Bags and Briefcases. NOMATIC creates products that generate confidence for a life on the move. They specialize in quality, function, and versatility to create innovative bags that adapt to every situation.


Pakt is a travel-focused brand founded in 2018 by Malcolm Fontier offering thoughtfully and technically advanced, high-quality, durable, and sustainable bags and accessories for business and pleasure travelers. The flagship product is The One, featured in the Minimalism TV documentary. All materials are BPA-free and animal-friendly, and Pakt ships via boat to the US for a more environmentally friendly approach. A lifetime warranty is included for any defect or excessive damage during everyday use.

Pioneer Carry

Introducing Pioneer Carry, the brand that pushes the boundaries of wallet design. Meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art methods, their innovative and durable wallets are built to withstand any adventure while still looking stylish. Perfect for active lifestyles.


Polène is a France-based classic apparel retailer that sells women's Bags. Polène is a luxury leather goods brand that specializes in craftsmanship and high quality materials. With their high quality materials and classic designs, Polène embodies a confident and graceful design aesthetic.

RSVP Paris

RSVP Paris is the epitome of French savoir-faire, offering luxurious leather goods that are both functional and beautiful. Their designs are timeless, elegant, and crafted using traditional fabrication techniques. Perfect for those who appreciate modern craft and luxury.


Ridge creates minimalist and durable everyday carry items using high-quality materials like aluminum, titanium, and 24 karat gold. Their flagship product, The Ridge Wallet, has earned them a loyal following with over 2 million wallets sold.


Rimowa has been redefining travel since 1898 with their iconic groove design paying homage to the world's first all-metal aircraft. Known for superior stability and expert travel solutions, Rimowa is the go-to brand for discerning travelers.

Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers is a New York City-based brand founded in 2017 by Jack Carlson, a former US rower in the World Rowing Championship. Known for its unique designs and bold colors, Rowing Blazers offers high-end apparel and accessories for men and women, made in Portugal, the UK, France, China, and the US. Endorsed by celebrities and red-carpet stars, the brand has gained a lot of attention on social media.


STATE Bags is a socially conscious, B Corp-certified business founded in 2013 by Scot and Jacq Tatelman. They offer stylish, well-made backpacks, totes, fanny packs, and suitcases in 37+ classic and funky patterns, and donate 20% of profits and 1 backpack for every bag sold to organizations that help struggling families.

Silfen Studio

Silfen Studio, the Danish accessory brand founded by siblings Daniel and Celine, creates colorful and gorgeous bags made from sustainable materials. With a passion for being different, Silfen Studio challenges the traditional perception of fashion, offering unique patterns and quirky colors that inspire and bring happiness into people's lives. Their focus on sustainability aligns with customers who value self-expression, unique style, and environmentally-friendly products.

State of Escape

State of Escape is an Australia-based trendy apparel retailer that sells women's Bags. State of Escape finds beauty in the unexpexted. Their intuitive design along with their fine craftsmanship create functional, fashion-forward handbags for every day wear.

Status Anxiety

Status Anxiety is an Australia-based minimalist apparel retailer that sells men's and women's Bags and Briefcases. Status Anxiety offers minimalist leather goods for those who want to live a simple life. With their simplistic culture, Status Anxiety provides true value and appreciation rather than keeping up with the latest fashion fad.

Steele & Borough

Introducing Steele & Borough, a fashion brand specializing in timeless and well-engineered bags. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from vegan leather, their accessories are both stylish and sustainable. Discover enduring quality and impeccable design.

Stuart Lau

Stuart & Lau is a United States and Asia-based minimalist apparel retailer that sells men's Bags and Briefcases. Stuart & Lau was born from the need of a carryall that transitioned seemlessly across any environment and usage. Their products support a busy, on the move lifestyle for working men around the world.


Timbuk2's bags merge style and purpose, catering to customers who value functionality and individuality. With a commitment to sustainability and a lifetime warranty, Timbuk2 aligns with environmentally-conscious customers' values.

Timbuk2 Bags

Timbuk2 Bags is a United States-based modern apparel retailer that sells men's and women's Bags and Briefcases. TImbuk2 makes quality bags with functionality and utility in mind. Each bag is a merge of style and purpose made with sustainable materials that last a lifetime.


Tortuga is a United States-based modern apparel retailer that sells unisex Bags. Tortuga helps its costumers travel light and avoid the hassle of checking their luggage with their carry-on-sized travel backbacks. Tortuga takes care of the inconvinience of over-packing so you can focus on having a great trip.


Urth is a sustainable and conscious brand dedicated to creating a better future for the planet. Their products are made with low-impact, long-lasting materials and they plant trees with every purchase. Their custom printed and framed art pieces are sustainably sourced and high-quality.


VESSEL, the leading brand in premium bags and accessories, is relentless in perfecting their products for modern golfers. With patented technologies and collaborations with reputable brands, VESSEL is the choice of carry for over 100 PGA and LPGA tour players. Plus, their "Buy a Bag, Give a Bag" initiative makes a positive impact. Expect elevated experiences and purposeful products.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is a leading designer of women's handbags, accessories, luggage and travel items. They design thoughtful solutions with special details that make life easier and a bit more beautiful. Their collections are inspired by the needs of the women who use their products and by the colors you want to wear.


WANDRD is a United States-based modern apparel retailer that sells unisex Bags. WANDRD inspires its costumers to go out and live passionately while they explore, create, and live life in the moment. They design versatile and stylish carrying solutions for photography, travel, and everyday use.

WP Standard

WP Standard specializes in leather totes, wallets, and duffles. Each piece is handcrafted from the highest quality materials and ages uniquely over time. Defects and repairs are covered for life. When WP Standard sends a new customer a product in the mail, it comes with a card that explains their brand philosophy as well as detailed care instructions for their products.

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