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Having a party and forgot to shop the alcohol aisle? Did the local grocery store run our of your favorite drink? Lucky for you these DTC alcohol brands make it easy to get quick delivery from the store or shop smaller DTC brands stright from the source! The companies have been designed to be the most current and most complete listing available with the user experience in mind. Whether you're seeking a familiar taste or to test out something new these brands simplify having alcoholic beverages of all types delviered to your home, office or any other location with brands like Drizly, Flaviar, and Winc.


Haus is a new kind of wine designed for the way we drink today: everyday. It's made with things you can pronounce - like chardonnay grapes. elderflower and lemon - not synthetic flavors and added sugar. It's crafted in Napa Valley using hands-on winemaking techniques, and is bottled right here in California so we can make sure you're getting the best. Welcome to the Haus family.


A Glass of

A Glass of is the perfect wine brand for those who want to try new and exciting wines without breaking the bank. With a focus on sustainability and supporting independent winemakers, their 200mL pouches are perfect for environmentally conscious wine lovers.

Ami Ami

Discover Ami Ami, the sustainable wine brand from France. Made with care for the land and fruits, their vegan wines are additive-free and come in eco-friendly boxed packaging.

And Soda

And Soda is a UK-based beverage brand founded in 2019 by co-founders Barry Darnell and Michael Johns. Offering stylish, sugar-free, low-calorie, gluten-free, and vegan vodka sodas in three flavors, And Soda has been featured in Stylist Magazine, The Week Magazine, and The Evening Standard and is available in Sainsbury’s and Tesco.


Avaline, founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, offers delicious, organically farmed wines that are free from unwanted extras. Their transparently produced wines are perfect for health-conscious customers who value natural products and high-quality taste.


Bev is more than just a beverage brand, it's a movement! With zero-sugar drinks made from high-quality ingredients and a focus on female empowerment, Bev is perfect for any occasion.

Black Lines

Black Lines is the ultimate cocktail brand for those who value quality and convenience. Their dedication to using the best ingredients and partnering with renowned distilleries and venues makes them a go-to for cocktail enthusiasts.


Bomani's Cold Buzz is the perfect drink for health-conscious individuals who want to enjoy alcohol without compromising their lifestyle. With only 110 calories and gluten-free, this energizing caffeine-infused cold brew coffee is perfect for a busy day.


Coconut Cartel

Indulge in the exotic flavors and culture of Central America with Coconut Cartel's premium rum offerings. Join the Cartel and experience the world's most mysterious terroir with every sip.


DRNXMYTH brings the magic of craft cocktails beyond the bar with their patented twist-to-mix technology. Made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, their drinks are perfect for any occasion.

Drink Volley

Indulge in the refreshing and transparent seltzer from Drink Volley. With a commitment to clean ingredients and environmental responsibility, Volley is the perfect choice for those who value transparency in their beverages.


Drizly is an alcohol e-commerce platform that facilitates the delivery of beer, wine, and spirits. Users order a variety of beer, wine, and spirits directly from local retailers to their location through a mobile app or website.



Drty offers a refreshing and rebellious take on the ready-to-drink alcohol market with their unique range of Hard Seltzers. With a focus on clean drinking, Drty has quickly become a go-to brand for those seeking a lighter and lower calorie option.



Indulge in Eight's high-quality beers that embody hard work and community support. Brewed with dedication, 1% of revenue is donated to Texas charities. A perfect choice for quality and giving back.


Elrayo Tequila

Elrayo Tequila captures the essence of Mexico in every sip. Made from hand-harvested blue agave plants and distilled under the watchful eye of Maestro Tequilero Oscar Garcia, this fresh and vibrant tequila is perfect for those who appreciate authentic, high-quality spirits.

Empathy wines

Empathy Wines, co-founded by wine industry expert Gary Vaynerchuk, offers three easy-to-choose options year-round. With a heart logo, the brand provides exceptional quality wine without the confusion of traditional wine shopping.

Fallen Grape

Indulge in the beauty of low-intervention wine with Fallen Grape. This natural wine brand prides itself on sustainability and preservation of natural beauty, while offering authentic and handcrafted quality perfect for any occasion.


Flaviar is a craft spirits community for the curious. We send curated samples and complimentary bottles to our members so that they can try new things more often, and push their boundaries. Our community is a place where you can connect with those like yourself, and find your next favorite spirit.

Good Pair Days

Good Pair Days is the perfect wine subscription for those seeking exceptional value bottles tailored to their tastes. With expert curation and personalization tech, each bottle comes with tasting notes, food pairings, and custom recipes. The company prides itself on its joyfully inclusive, adventurous, responsible, and remarkable wine experiences, making it a must-try for wine enthusiasts.

June Shine

June Shine offers premium, sustainable alcoholic beverages for the health and environmentally conscious. Their hard kombucha and canned cocktails are made with real, organic ingredients and they donate 1% of sales to environmental nonprofits.


Libby's bubbled wines offer a pure and refreshing taste experience, crafted with precision bubbles and sustainably-farmed grapes. Enjoy the freedom of bubbles without fuss or outdated standards.



Loah's range of carefully crafted beers emphasize natural fruit flavors and a clear-headed drinking experience. Perfect for beer enthusiasts who prefer crisp, light, and refreshing brews.



MOTH crafts the best cocktails in a can, perfect for any occasion. They value quality over quantity and focus on perfecting every detail, ensuring every sip is worth it. Shop MOTH for high-quality drinks that align with your values.



Maivino is the ultimate wine subscription for those who appreciate unique and high-quality small-batch wines. Discover new and exciting flavors without the hassle of searching for them on your own.

Nice Wine

Nice Wine offers convenience, accessibility, and a fresh approach to wine. Their range of Sauvignon Blanc, Pale Rosé, and Argentinian Malbec in cans is perfect for any occasion, making it easy for anyone to enjoy wine without intimidation.


Ohza's canned cocktails are a brunch lover's dream come true. With a variety of flavors, including Classic Bellinis and Mango Mimosas, they offer convenience without sacrificing taste. Plus, with 80% less sugar and 60% fewer calories, you can indulge guilt-free.

Plot Wines

Plot Wines believes that anyone who enjoys wine is an authority on it. Their high-quality wines, sourced from the best growers, are sure to impress wine enthusiasts who value great flavors, good company, and memorable experiences.

Primal Wine

"Indulge in the primal pleasures of natural, biodynamic, and organic wines with Primal Wine. Savor unique and authentic flavors made with minimal intervention, perfect for the wine enthusiast seeking something new."


Discover Quarter, the spirits brand that offers guilt-free sipping with their range of quarter-strength spirits. Perfect for those who want to enjoy cocktails without the fear of a hangover.


Rally is the perfect beer for the active and conscious lifestyle. With functional ingredients and a commitment to philanthropy, Rally is the perfect drink for celebrating wins and spreading kudos with friends.



Redee is the ultimate solution for those who suffer from Alcohol Flush Reaction. Their range of products, including the Redee Patch and Daily Detox / Defense capsules, allows customers to enjoy their favorite drinks without discomfort. Redee believes in creating lasting memories with friends and family over drinks, and their commitment to helping customers drink healthier and happier is unmatched.


Rosaluna is a hand-crafted mezcal brand made with 100% vertically integrated agave, grown, farmed, fermented, and distilled on their own land. The result is a high-quality spirit with distinct notes of cooked agave and earthy flavors, perfect for those seeking an authentic Oaxacan experience.


SAYSO is the ultimate solution for cocktail enthusiasts who want to enjoy bar-quality drinks in the comfort of their own home or on-the-go. With expertly portioned, all-natural ingredients in each sachet, SAYSO offers endless flavor possibilities in just 3 easy steps.



Served, founded by Ellie Goulding and the Ginsberg brothers, offers refreshing, low-sugar cocktails with natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Enjoy guilt-free sips with full transparency and premium spirits.


Spritz Society

Spritz Society is the answer to your cocktail dreams. Made with real, recognizable ingredients, their sparkling cocktails are perfect for any occasion. Join their community and indulge in great taste with transparency.

The Whisky List

Discover the best whiskies from Australia and beyond at The Whisky List. With their extensive collection and expert curation, they are the go-to destination for whisky connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

To Øl

To Øl is a young and innovative Danish craft beer brewery that offers potent, provocative, fresh, and floral contemporary beers. Their commitment to taste and balance has earned them worldwide recognition, making them a must-try for beer enthusiasts looking for high-quality, boundary-pushing brews.



Troop is a cocktail company that offers high-quality, delicious cocktail mixes perfect for entertaining. Made with honest ingredients, Troop is perfect for those who measure fun in belly laughs, not shots.


Unico Zelo

Unico Zelo is an Australian winemaking brand that pays homage to indigenous custodianship and showcases native ingredients. Their sustainable and ethical approach appeals to those who prioritize local sourcing and environmentalism.

Usual Wines

Usual Wines is a revolutionary wine brand founded in 2018 by Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky. Their mission is to provide high-quality wines free from sugars and additives, made from natural and sustainably farmed ingredients. Customers can purchase individual bottles or cans or sign up for monthly shipments with a 17% discount. Usual Wines is dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices, and has been featured in popular media sources such as HypeBae, Refinery29, and HelloGiggles.


Veso creates small-batch apéritifs bursting with flavor and made with honest ingredients straight from California farms. Their drinks are versatile and perfect for health-conscious customers who value quality and authenticity.


VINEBOX is a monthly wine subscription box. Each month subscribers receive three expertly curated wines that are hand-selected based on your personal preferences and taste preferences. These boxed wine subscriptions have been featured in many of the most prestigious publications, including Forbes and USA Today, as some of the best wine clubs on the market. As a member, you'll be able to explore new wines from around the world straight to your door each month."


VineOh! is a monthly wine subscription box. Each package will contain a curated selection of premium wines ranging from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and California. It's the perfect small gift for her of 2-3 premium wines we select just for her. We handpick a convenient delivery date every month based on her preferences so that she can unwind and have some time just for herself.

We Sake

We Sake is a premium-grade sake brand that offers an approachable and enjoyable experience for all. Crafted in partnership with a traditional Japanese brewery, We Sake is committed to education, awareness, and accessibility while giving back to Japan's first food bank.


Winc is a fun new wine club that makes exploring wines easy and affordable. Whether you want to create your own wine tasting experience or are looking for a great gift idea, Winc offers an amazing variety of wines at unbeatable prices. Winc guarantees our members will have access to exclusive wines for less than they'd pay in a store or anywhere else online .


Wine Awesomeness

At Wine Awesomeness, our manifesto is simple: make the world of wine more accessible to everyone. We are changing the way people discover and share wines by connecting our members with local wine experts who take an individualized approach to curating their wine lists. We provide exquisite, unique wines that you can’t find in stores or restaurants, and our members get to experience them at offer-wines-go prices.


Winepost is the perfect solution for wine lovers who want to improve their knowledge without the hassle. With personalized deliveries handpicked by experts, customers can impress their friends with newfound expertise.


ZBiotics is a genetic engineering brand that creates products to improve everyday living. Their flagship probiotic drink breaks down the toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism, preventing hangovers. The brand is transparent and responsible, perfect for health-conscious customers.

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